Cebaco Island

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Located in the Gulf of Montijo, is the perfect spot to escape from the world and enjoy the incredible silence of nature can give.<br /> It is very quiet and peaceful and simple people. There are miles of pristine beaches, with subtle waves, the sound of the waves as they returned exudes an indescribable noise of rolling stones. The dark sand makes a dramatic contrast with the blue sea and looks beautiful shells.<br /> On the island, you can perform many activities, such as hiking as there are countless trails, diving, camping, snorkeling, and surfing. Or you can just do nothing and relax in a hammock under coconut if you can not bring your own or rent to borrow premises.<br /> The population is engaged in agriculture, livestock, fisheries and handicraft trade activities<br /> Cébaco is an elongated island (25 km long), with beaches everywhere. The beaches on the north coast, which is what is facing the Gulf of Montijo, are coarse sand, with gray stones and shells and rocky shores. Playa Grande, on the southern coast, is fine-grained sand and white. Most are defined by land with coconut trees along the beach. Its waters are calm, but it depends on the season.

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